Rules (English)


With the active or passive use of this internet platform, you recognize us ready to comply with them. In case of any violation, we may issue appropriate warnings. For example, warnings are displayed by another person. To us, on a case by case basis, the integrity of the community is at risk from our point of view. "Passive Use" means the use of the Internet Platform as an unregistered user ("Visitor"). As "active use" the full use of the Internet platform is defined. This requires a registered user account.

§1 Naming

The nicknames & channel names must be unique and readable (special characters only as an addition). They should not be offensive in a sexual, right- or left-radical, direction, containing no political, religious allusions or the like. The same goes for avatar images. In addition, the impersonation of server groups by naming such as [Support], etc. and naming by domain's is prohibited. The name "TeamSpeakUser" is forbidden.

§2 General Behavior

2.1 - Behavior in Public areas

The deliberate disruption / interruption of conversations in public channels is not allowed. If reported to a team member, a penalty will be awarded. For the player search the corresponding channels are to be used. Insults, the excessive sending of messages (spam), the rapid switching from channel to channel (channel hopping) and the systematic approach / bullying of other members is not allowed. Private disputes are also to be treated privately, they do not belong to the teamspeak. Moderators are not responsible for clarifying this.

2.2 - Noise

Anyone who harasses users of the Severs by making obscene, loud or annoying noises will be assigned by us to the "Noise" server group. This causes him to stop talking. After eliminating the noise, he can remove the group independently. If this happens several times in succession, it will be directed to the server temporarily or permanently.

2.3 - Advertising

Any type of advertising, whether by name, message or verbal communication is prohibited. This includes passing on IP's of other Teamspeak servers and sending viruses or malware-containing links

2.4 - Recording

Recordings on the Teamspeak are basically PROHIBITED, also legally! However, these can be allowed by administrators. However, the channel and the person taking the picture must be marked. In the event of infringements of the rule, proof may be taken, even without identification, insofar as this has been agreed with an administrator. Each user allows his voice to be recorded according to these rules. Administrators, moderators, and supporters are allowed to make sound recordings in all public channels without notice.

§3 Householder's rights

3.1 - Teamspeak

The house right on our Internet platform is exercised by administrators, moderators and other appointed representatives of the operator. The instructions of these persons must be obeyed. You may perform administrative actions without notice or permission from the user. We reserve the right to edit, move, close or, in extreme cases, delete channels. This is especially true for content that we think could harm the community and / or its outward appearance.

3.2 - Private Channels

The house right in the private channels is exercised primarily by the respective channel admin. He is allowed to perform administrative actions in his channel. We reserve the right to intervene in these operations. This house right must not be used to blackmail or bully users.

§4 Copyright

The respective creator is responsible for the contents of all submitted contributions. We reject any responsibility in this regard. The creator grants the operator a simple and unlimited right of use. By doing so, he grants the operator the right to make the contribution permanently available on the internet platform for public access by posting a post (post, comment, date, picture, etc.). The operator has the right to postpone contributions within the Internet platform, to combine them with other contents or to process them in any other way. Channel Descriptions: Responsible for the content of all created descriptions is the respective channeladmin. We decline any responsibility in this regard. The creator grants the operator a simple and unrestricted right of use.

§5 Security

It is not allowed to endanger the stability of the internet platform or its users by any measures or actions. Furthermore, found errors and exploits in the software used immediately in the forum administration! Exploitation of this is immediately displayed. The IP addresses are logged and, in the case of an attempted attack, of whatever nature, brought to criminal prosecution. This applies especially to flooding with various programs and DOS / DDOS attacks.

§6 privacy policy

All data passed on to forums or similar will be kept strictly confidential, unless it has been explicitly marked. See also 2.6 (Recordings). Private data, such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords etc. may not be exchanged publicly. A team member will never ask for your password.

§7 Teamspeak-Permissions

Begging for mod or admin rights is not desirable here. Users with appropriate rights were selected by us and have shown exemplary behavior. If we intend to give you such rights, we would come to you. The abuse of server rights will be punished with a withdrawal of these.

§8 Streamer's and Youtuber's

Who wants to stream with us in TS3, must agree with Opossum_LP or another admin. We assign you a channel and all relevant stuff. All streamer are right as soon as they are in a streaming or recording channel undisturbed. So if you want something from such a streamer use the stream chat. The recording of conversations is allowed on the entire server only after consultation with the present users of the corresponding channel. If a user does not consent to the recording, the recording of the conversation is prohibited. The receiving person is to be marked with the server group "Record / Stream". This does not apply to the stream channels. A stream, just like the teammate-search, should not be used to lure users to other servers.